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Bottomless Bag
Buk-Seoul Museum of Art 전시

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  • 장소
    Buk-Seoul Museum of Art  B1 Children's Gallery
  • 부문
    Installation, Video etc
    Na Kim
  • 관람료
    Seoul Museum of Art
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Bottomless Bag

Na Kim

Mar. 26 – Sept. 13, 2020

SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art

Children’s Gallery

  • SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art’s fourteenth installment of the Children’s Exhibition Series invites Na Kim.
  • The exhibition aims to:

    • Mediate and reconfigure visual language through the work of graphic designer Na Kim, whose multifaceted practice based in Korea and abroad extends beyond the realm of graphic design.
    • Examine the meaning of objects found by collecting.
    • Help develop visual literacy, allowing the viewers to interpret, criticize, and create images.
    • Create an open and inviting experience for visitors of all ages.

Seoul Museum of Art (Director: Beck Jee-sook) is pleased to present Bottomless Bag, the first Children’s Exhibition of 2020, which will be presented in the Children’s Gallery at Buk-Seoul Museum of Art from March 26 to September 13.

SeMA, Buk-Seoul of Museum of Art has been inviting established artists to create its biannual Children’s Exhibition, a series designed to make contemporary art more exciting and approachable for visitors. Celebrating the fourteenth installment of the series, this year’s first exhibition invites graphic designer Na Kim. Extending beyond the realm of design, Na Kim’s multifaceted practice, based in Korea and abroad, highlights the formal elements of graphic design through fine art.

The exhibition’s title, Bottomless Bag, is taken from the bag appearing in the animated film Inside Out (2015). Filled with the main character’s memories and their associated orbs, along with an assortment of other objects, the film’s imaginary bag was chosen to illustrate the exhibition’s core concepts of ‘memory’ and ‘collection.’

The Korean title of the exhibition references the school supply–filled ‘object bags’ sold to students in Korea during the 1980s and 1990s. Remembering this nostalgic object of the past, the exhibition hopes to examine the times and memories connected by the objects.

In this exhibition, the space itself becomes the designer’s ‘object bag,’ where the images exhibited in the space become the ‘objects’ that evoke past memories and serve as the designer’s tools for a new experiment. The exhibition invites visitors to experience the meaning of those found objects collected and archived by Na Kim inside the museum space.

‘Collecting’ is an important part of SeMA’s agenda for 2020, as well as Na Kim’s design methodology. By setting her own rules in interpreting and creating relationships with the memories embedded in everyday objects, Kim demonstrates a respectful attitude that observes and appreciates the value of everyday life.

With this exhibition, the museum aims to generate new forms of knowledge by adopting Na Kim’s work process as an educational model, and by mediating and reconfiguring it. In understanding design as a language of communication, it is hoped that through Na Kim’s design-oriented thinking and visual language, viewers will be able to strengthen their visual literacy, which will allow them to better interpret, criticize, and create images.

Seoul Museum of Art is temporarily closed in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the safety of visitors. Bottomless Bag will be available for viewing when the museum reopens.

More details on the exhibition can be found online at the Seoul Museum of Art website at sema.seoul.go.kr.

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