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Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now
Buk-Seoul Museum of Art 전시

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  • 장소
    Buk-Seoul Museum of Art  2층 Exhibition Hall 2
    Buk-Seoul Museum of Art  2층 Project Gallery 2
    Buk-Seoul Museum of Art  1층 Exhibition Hall 1
    Buk-Seoul Museum of Art  1층 Project Gallery 1
  • 부문
    Installation, Sculpture, Video, etc.
    Leandro Erlich
  • 관람료
    Soyeon Bang
Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now_1

SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art is pleased to present Leandro Erlich: Both SidesNow, a solo exhibition of work by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich from December 17, 2019 through June 21, 2020. Leandro Erlich is an internationally-exhibited contemporary artist whose work has been widely acclaimed for both its originality and popularity. His installations transform familiar, everyday spaces, such as an elevator, staircase and swimming pool by creating optical illusions using mirrors and other various materials.  

The artist’s current exhibition at the Buk-SeMA, Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now, goes beyond examining his central theme of “perception,” and further questions the relationship between the “Subject” and the “Other.” Whereas the artist’s previous exhibitions explored concepts such as “the illusion and the real,” or “the imaginary and the truth” by reminding the viewers of how the world we perceive and the real are not always the same, this exhibition focuses on how the “I,” or the “Subject,” is formed through surrounding relationships, and therefore makes the boundaries between the “Subject” and the “Other” ambiguous. Those boundaries, which separate two seemingly different entities, remain variable according to their conditions and circumstances. There is nothing in this world whose essence or nature is invariable. Everything that consists of our world is connected, and their boundaries are far from clear-cut. As shadows change according to their light source, the world we perceive, and those we regard as the “Other,” exist as shadows created by our own perspectives. 

Presented across four exhibition galleries of the museum, this exhibition introduces new works Car Cinema and In the Shadow of the Pagoda, two site-specific installations that dominate the space with their massive scale and ends with The Cloud(South Korea, North Korea), a sculptural piece reflecting on the theme of the exhibition. Offering a unique viewer experience, the exhibition will also present a selection of Erlich’s earlier works. Highlighting the artist’s distinct sense of humor and brilliant imagination that push the boundaries of reality, Leandro Erlich: Both Sides Now hopes to provide the viewers with a new aesthetic experience representing the forefront of contemporary art.

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