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with weft, with warp
with weft, with warp
- 2018-04-17 ~ 2018-06-03
- 서소문본관 1F
- Tuesday – Friday 10AM - 8PM, Saturday, Sunday & National Holidays 10AM – 7PM(March-October). Museum Night Every 2nd & Last Wednesdays 10AM-10PM, Closed on Mondays
- Admission Free
Attending artists:
Koh San keum, Kwon Hyuk, Kim Hye Ran, Hae Young Seo, Shin Yoo La, Oh Hwajin, Seungean Cha, Young In Hong, Store N. , Weaving Life Weaving Nature, Zero space, YongJu Kwon, Minseung Jang, Sojung Jun
Organizers and sponsors:
Seoul Museum of Art
Seoul Museum of Art will hold the exhibition with weft, with warp as part of its vision as a “mindful museum that changes people’s lives.” At this exhibition, the ‘thread’ that is commonly seen in our daily lives will be the connotation of the stories of handiwork, and all women who were recognized as the fringes of society.

‘Thread’ is a cultural product essential to the history of mankind. Still, all work related to embroidery, weaving, knitting and ‘thread’ was deemed as women’s work. In modern times, such a social perception was overthrown, and as embroidery and knitting began to be positively used as methods of healing or resistance against the existing structure of a society, its value has been reevaluated within the field of art.

In the meantime, the handiwork of women who worked with thread and textiles played a crucial role in industrial field. However, pertaining to economic significance, such handiwork was dismissed as subsidiary labor or leisure activity. In recent times, the value of handmade goods has once again been placed in the spotlight. A lifestyle enveloped in handiwork has been illuminated, and a movement to re-position the fundamental value of labor in such a lifestyle is in progress.

The exhibition with weft, with warp will take needlework, embroidery, weaving and knitting to approach visitors with strategic, creative methods or themes. Simultaneously, the exhibition will be composed of works exploring women and society, and this will form the base for a project that discovers the value of the future led by communities. This will shed light on artistic social activities that will break through existing boundaries such as those that exist between art and everyday life, craftsmen and artists, and professionals and amateurs.

Just as weaving is completed only when the weft and warp come together in harmony, this exhibition will be a valuable time to reflect on the balanced value of life and the social role of art.