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IN_D_EX : Index
IN_D_EX : Index
- 2018-04-17 ~ 2018-06-10
- Tuesday-Friday 10am-8pm / Saturday/Sunday/National Holidays 10am-7pm / Closed on Monday
- Free
Genre of exhibition and the number of artwork:
Painting, Photography, Crafts, Installation work / 49 artworks
Attending artists:
Seulki Ki, Minkyung Kim, Kim, Joo Hyun, Kim Hye Na, Bang, Myungjoo, Anna So Young Han, Yu Jeong Eom, Hyangro Yoon, Mijung Lee, Sodam Lim
Organizers and sponsors:
Seoul Museum of Art
The 'Project Gallery' located on the third floor of the Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA) has presented experimental exhibitions on various subjects. As the first exhibition of the ‘Project Gallery’ in 2018, <IN_D_EX : Index> is intended to correspond to ‘the audience’s changing attitude of viewing.’ The title of the exhibition is a combination of the following three words, ‘INstallation,’ ‘Demonstration,’ and ‘EXperience,’ and its meaning ‘list arranged in accordance with a certain order.’

<IN_D_EX : Index> pays attention to a new attitude that has recently appeared among ‘the audience.’ While the audience in the past saw ‘what is shown to them,’ the current audience is evolving to choose ‘what they want to see.’ This new audience selectively classifies, plans and executes their own viewing process at the exhibition, and then connects it to the virtual space (SNS) so that they can simultaneously re-display and share it. This shows that the audience has become a ‘self-curating’ active agent by overcoming the attitude of ‘mobilized participation’ which was required of the audience until recently.

This new audience emerging as an active agent is in need of a viewing environment in which they themselves can select and reconstruct their own viewing experience. By listing and giving equal weight to all the elements of the exhibition, such as works, structures, walls, furniture, designs, or atmospheres, <IN_D_EX : Index> presents ‘the exhibition’ as ‘a possible form of combination’ and seeks to explore the possibility of active change in the audience.

“If the audience has changed, what is now an exhibition, and what role could be played by the space in which the exhibition takes place? Can we say that the audience’s being able to choose what to see and how to experience has become more important than their being told by the exhibition?”

Embracing these questions, <IN_D_EX : Index> attempts to talk about ‘what’ it is that the audience will choose from now on.