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Education for Foreigners
In SeMA, there are educational programs for foreigners including ceramic modeling course and oriental ink painting course. Those classes would provide a meaningful opportunity to exchange and share each other's culture through creative activities.


The art academy for citizens in SeMA is intended for an open art education that can share the art culture together with all people including children, teenagers, adults, the disabled, experts, and foreigners.

Through the management of various interesting classes which anyone can easily join, it aims to increase the level of happiness of citizens, and it plays a role of social education to extend the scope of art culture as a public art museum.

Title Training Period Application Period Tuition Fee
Ceramic class for foreigners 2017. 5 18 ~ 2017. 7. 6
(Nam Seoul Museum of
Art classroom)
2017. 4. 17 ~ 2017. 5. 11 Free
(practical skills materiale from personal burden)
Oriental Painting with Foreigners 2016. 8. ~ 2016. 10. 2016. 7. ~ 2016. 8.


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